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Apron Galo de Barcelos

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Apron Galo de Barcelos

Collection icons of Portugal - Inspired by the icons of Portugal and reinvented with photographs of the collection Free Flowers


Apron with pocket
100% cotton
Color Black
Printing Flex
Embroidered Letters
Measurements 76X90 cm

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The Rooster of Barcelos, probably the most representative icon of the Portuguese identity in the world, comes from a medieval legend, its origin is from Barcelos, a city in the North of Portugal. According to this same legend, there was this miracle of a rooster that, even in death, woke up and sang.
And if this legend appears in a medieval and darkness context, the Rooster of Barcelos announces the light and the life and all the good things that the sunrise brings: dawn.


The Icons of Portugal are representative images of the culture and national identity. Symbols that communicate stories, legends and traditions of the Portuguese people.
The collection of Portuguese Icons is a portfolio of works that includes the reinvention of traditional symbols, which are representative of the Portuguese Culture, by being recreated with flowers photographed by Carlos Capelão.
The Icons of Portugal are, nowadays, a brand of Portugal in the World.